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16 February 2006



Rubbish, at least if you don't have a solution other than to throw things out and keep things simple, as is your way, yet you never get it because there is still always too much on the Skype GUI and always will be if your idea is a conflict between keeping and throwing out. There is another way entirely that solves this issue and would be that WOW factor you are looking for, but why would we give it to you for free? That was said to you in Tallin. The room was silent. And you stated that you don't believe the issue of simple and advanced can ever be resolved it has to be one or the other. And you avoided those who had the solution for you. No wonder Skype UI satisfies often neither group, though 2.5 is now better for power users. It is useless for Grandma. There is an easy way out of this if you can think outside the box, or listen to those who know how to do it instead of thinking you have all the answers or avoiding them.

jim asiano

Good subject--but quite a challenge. Swapping out menus and replacing them with mouse-overs and buttons is very tricky work. Especially if your user universe is very small. Doing these things in a vacuum proves very difficult knowing that 90% of the available functions are used by 10% of the users.
The longer I hold a cell phone in my hand, the lower my threshold for frustration becomes. And that device hangs around my neck every day.
Today I thought about having a little person on my shoulder to encourage me to explore the deeper functionalities of my cell phone driving to the value I can actually receive from Nextel. Unfortunately, I am that little man for my partner who often calls me with a cell phone use tip!

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